PETRONIO UNPLUGGED: A selection of repertory stripped down and up close

By Christ Church Neighborhood House (other events)

Tuesday, June 21 2016 7:30 PM 9:00 PM

[Petronio's work] surprises you at every ricocheting leap and pitched body flying off on a tangent...the effect is startling, as if time has been suspended.

                                                 – Dance Magazine

Stephen Petronio Company presents an intimate evening of repertory, a meditation on the elemental acts of bodies traveling—extreme locomotive states that cast the dancers in a careening mix of action forward and backward through time and space.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Stephen Petronio is widely regarded as one the leading dance-makers of his generation. For over 30 years, he has honed a unique language of movement that speaks to the intuitive and complex possibilities of the body informed by its shifting cultural context.

Concept and Choreography: Stephen Petronio

Dancers: Davalois Fearon, Gino Grenek, Kyle Filley, Jaqlin Medlock, Tess Montoya, Nicholas Sciscione, Emily Stone, Joshua Tuason

Christ Church Neighborhood House

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