2017 Neighborhood House Benefit | Miguel Gutierrez: DEEP AEROBICS

By Christ Church Neighborhood House (other events)

Saturday, December 2 2017 8:00 PM 9:30 PM

DEEP AEROBICS is one hour-plus of the communal/political/conceptual/imaginational workout experience you always wanted but never could embarrass yourself enough to find or do in public. It is for anyone who has ever had any interest in combining the joie de vivre that is the vigorous bouncing of one’s anatomical/spiritual/energetic molecules with the existential absurdity that is living in a world/country/economic system of injustice, warmongering, and cultural ineptitude. Oh wait, that’s you.

Come in a costume of your own devising or make one on the spot at the Transformation Station. Taste the sweat.

The DEEP to be enacted in Philadelphia is the last stop on the KILL DEEP AEROBICS 2017 TOUR and may, in fact, end up being the very last DEEP AEROBICS led by Miguel Gutierrez ever ever ever. 

All DEEP proceeds will support Neighborhood House performance and rehearsal subsidies, as well as the ongoing development of our artist residency program.

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